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Do men need to wear underwear?

Not all modern people know that ordinary everyday panties are not necessary for beauty or warmth, but for personal hygiene. Wearing ordinary briefs has become a commonplace process for a person, to which he has long been accustomed.

However, do not forget that the type of panties you wear can directly affect your health and even your reproductive function. The structure of the male genitals is such that they need constant ventilation and at the same time being warm.

For this reason, it is absolutely unacceptable for a man to wear synthetic tights every day. If you are going to swim, then synthetic swimming trunks will do, but in such shorts you can not walk all day. The urogenital system of a man will experience a heavy load, fever, complete lack of air circulation. If a man wears such briefs, then over time he may have a variety of diseases of the genitourinary system.

In this regard, doctors have advised for many years to use for everyday wear, such pants, which we have in and called "family", and in the West - shorts. These are panties that are made of natural fabric, covering not only the genitals and buttocks, but also the upper thighs. These briefs do not put negative pressure and allow air to circulate without any problems.

Some men refuse to wear underwear in order to give the genitals the opportunity to "breathe". There are no scientific studies confirming the importance of men's briefs for health and comfort, but here are 5 rules of prevention that must be followed. Wash your pants more often.

If in normal conditions you wear jeans 4-5 times before throwing them in the washing machine, then when walking without underwear, this number should be reduced to 2-3.

- Get ready for sweat stains. Underwear absorbs moisture from the penis, and without it this role will be performed by pants.

- Do not wear tight jeans. These jeans will painfully hit the penis and scrotum every time you try to sit down. If you have already decided to do without underwear, then wear loose pants.

- Do not measure clothes. The matter is not that fitting booths are not closed tightly enough. Measuring pants without underwear means exposing the sensitive area of ​​the male genitals to extra contact with bacteria.

- Protect yourself from friction. When walking without underwear, you have nothing to protect the outer layer of skin from rubbing against clothing, so it can cause painful irritation.

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