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Is it "great" to wear cheap underwear?

In today's world, men do not want to lag behind women and choose stylish clothes and underwear. However, in the pursuit of modernity and style, they forget about their health.

Statistics show that the key role in male infertility is played by improperly selected underwear. Therefore it is necessary to remember that at the choice of linen it is necessary to pay attention not only to comfort and aesthetic appearance, but also to how such briefs will affect health.

Consider the most popular models and their impact on men's health.

Briefs are classic briefs that fit your pelvis and keep everything you need in one position. Such models differ from the blinds in that there is a gulfik in front, and they also have a high fit. Doctors say that such panties, with the daily wearing of underwear made of poor quality materials and the wrong size, have a bad effect on sperm production, which leads to infertility.

Hips look like boxers if they were low-waisted. They sit well on the thighs, which allows men to wear any clothing from pants to shorts. If you lead an active lifestyle, then these briefs are perfect for you. When choosing hips, make sure the size is right. The chosen model should not press, it should only support. In addition, make sure that the pants are made of cotton. And if your choice fell on bright colors, then be sure to make the dye of high quality. In the worst case, such underwear will cause allergies or eczema.

It is necessary to remember that linen first of all should be comfortable and give lightness to the one who wears it. You should feel at ease in these or those shorts and not think about whether the material will cause allergies. Therefore, when choosing underwear, first of all pay attention to the material, not the brand. After all, agree that it is better to buy reliable briefs than those that will be cool, but not durable.

LUX Swiss models combine quality, comfort and ergonomics. Products are manufactured in Ukraine using Swiss technology, which provides quality control at every stage of production. Material cooler - 100% of which are natural, breathable and does not promote sweating. Patterns of models were developed by LUX experts so that they were full-fledged and as much as possible corresponded to parameters of the male population of Ukraine.

Choose the best for yourself, we are waiting for you on the pages of the LUX Swiss online store!

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