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Underwear guide: Bikini

From the classics are gradually moving to more exotic models. And their first representative can be considered men's bikinis.

They are quite similar to the blind, however, there is one important difference: the main holding element of this type of men's underwear - a wide elastic band. In this model, there is virtually no side part, which is replaced by the same rubber band. Thus, men's thongs pretend to be two triangles of fabric connected by an elastic band.

The variety of men's bikinis is mainly in the form of the same elastic band: it can be wide, can be narrow, some models generally offer us laces that are tied on the side of the body.

In what situations do men wear bikinis:

for bodybuilders, a bikini is a uniform, because such underwear hides a minimum of the body and looks decent on stage, unlike some other types of men's underwear;

in some countries, bikinis are a common type of beachwear among men;

this is not surprising, because it is convenient to sunbathe in a bikini; under narrowed trousers;

under ordinary and sports shorts;

for dates;

under festive clothes.

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