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Underwear guide: Boxers

It would seem that there is nothing complicated in choosing underwear: you come to the store and buy something that fits the color, style and size. We all know that synthetics are bad and cotton is good. We know that thongs are the right way to get inflamed and there is no better style than pants. However, in our blog you will be able to learn about each type much more and as a result find the perfect underwear for any type of activity.

Boxers are spacious, "ventilated" free-cut briefs, similar to the shorts of boxers performing in the ring. Often in front of boxer briefs there is a gulfik (slit with buttons or without them).

Who will suit boxer briefs:

those who do not like underwear that restricts movement;

those who like free ventilation of the groin area;

those who wear baggy pants;

tall men (short long briefs visually "shorten"); obese men.

What to wear boxers:

Under loose shorts.

Under baggy pants.

Under pajamas or instead.

It is highly recommended not to wear Boxers during sports.

Good luck shopping!

If you still have questions, please write to us in the messenger or use the feedback form in the Contacts section.

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