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Underwear guide: Briefs

Briefs - a type of underwear familiar to us from childhood; these are the same regular panties you wore as a child.

The briefs completely cover the buttocks at the back and the genitals at the front, while the legs remain open due to the high neckline on the sides.

But these "classic pants" are not as simple as it seems:

is with a low, normal and high fit at the waist;

materials and design differ;

there are even men's briefings for those who want to increase the volume.

Who will suit the briefs - Briefs:

those who do not like extra fabric on the pants, which is going to fold;

those who need genital fixation (for example, during sports);

those who want to visually enlarge their genitals;).

In what situations it is better to wear briefings

In the gym, while running, during active games, sports (at the amateur level).

Every day under ordinary clothes (up to tight pants).

Under festive clothes (that trousers did not toporschilis from superfluous fabric).

For dates.

What to wear briefings

Pants of a classic cut are convenient to wear under any clothes (including - narrow trousers) thanks to a high neckline around legs.

Read our blog and make the right choice, or contact us for a tip!

We wish you comfortable shopping!

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