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Underwear guide: Hips

Men's hipster briefs are something in between a brief and a boxing brief. If you consider men's hips and boxers separately, it is often very difficult to tell the difference. And this happens only because the actual hips - an invariant of boxers, allocated to a separate group of underwear due to its prevalence.

Also, a special form of hips allows the designer to experiment more freely with fabrics and different textures, which is not very classic boxers. Here we can see a light mesh that exposes the body inside the hips, various applications, interesting bright prints and inserts. It is in this niche that various brands, such as Dorianse or HOM, create some of their best models, which are well-deservedly popular.

Of course, men's hips are sexier. This effect is achieved due to the low waist and shortened pants. This form of cut is increasingly used for swimming trunks and beachwear in general. The wow effect is achieved through a very effective fit of men's virtues and buttocks, as well as the maximum possible (for such a cut) legs.

Who is suitable for hips:

both short and tall men; men of athletic and thin physique; fans fix and support shorts, thus wishing to wear more closed shorts (in comparison with blind, for example);

lovers of stylish lingerie;

In what situations are hips worn:

at amateur sports;

under ordinary office clothes;

under festive clothes;

for dates.

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