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Underwear guide: Jockey

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

A beautiful tight ass in a man is an extremely sexually attractive element - any woman will tell you that, and men are also often able to appreciate it.

The main elements here are concentrated on the pope, or rather there is the absence of these elements. In front they can look like bikinis or minimalist thongs, while the back (buttocks) are completely open.

Tightening effect Jock is achieved by circular tightening of the buttocks with rubber bands on the sides.

Jock pants are designed specifically for traumatic games and extreme sports. They lift the genitals in front, securely fixing it and removing moisture. Two rubber bands are attached to the bottom of the sleeve, which are attached to the belt on the side. Buttocks remain open. A rigid sink is often inserted into the front of such briefs to protect against impact.

Who will fit pants with a sink:

athletes engaged in martial arts, rugby and other traumatic sports;


lovers of very tight pants as an alternative to thongs and bikinis.

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