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Underwear guide: Quad Shorts

Quad Shorts - a type of men's underwear that appeared in the early 90's, something in between tight-fitting boxers and swimming trunks: in length in the classic version, they are longer than boxer briefs, and the support and fixation can be compared with briefings .

Who are the quad shorts suitable for:

those who like slightly supportive, but do not pinch the genitals underwear;

those who want to prevent abrasions during amateur sports, going to the gym or wearing skinny jeans;

those who like classic free-cut boxer briefs ("family"), but would like to try underwear with light genital support;

those who like how to fix swimming trunks ("briefs"), but would like something more spacious.

In what situations to wear quad shorts

Brief boxers are great for everyday use.

In boxing briefings it is convenient to work out in the gym (if you are a non-professional athlete and do not feel overload).

What to wear quad shorts

with loose sportswear;

with sports shorts;

with regular jeans;

with pants.

Good luck shopping!

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