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Underwear guide: Thongs

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Another favorite version of men's underwear.

Here the eroticism of the cut, apparently, reaches its maximum.

Men's thongs are a triangle of fabric in front, connected by a narrow fabric strip (or rope) passing between the buttocks, with a belt at the back. Not every man will dare to wear such underwear.

There are also many options for men's thongs:

- classic wide version - here the buttocks are open somewhere in half;

- option where the buttocks open completely;

- and, finally, a strange combination of bikini and thong, they are also called g-string or mini-string: here, as in the bikini, there are no side strips of fabric and they are replaced by an elastic band or lace, the central part is also minimized.

Who will suit thong panties:

fans of super skinny jeans who do not want their underwear to be noticeable; want to surprise your loved one;

collect non-trivial models of underwear.

What to wear men's thong panties

Unlike more bulky models, thongs look good under any, even tight clothing.

We remind you that it is better not to play sports in thongs - it is inconvenient. Accordingly, it is better not to wear thongs under sportswear.

It is easy to surprise your loved one, because underwear goes to you very quickly after ordering and at the post office you will receive it in a gift box!

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